Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

My husband and I own several rentals. A few months ago I got a call from one of our tenants stating they had noticed some water leaking down from fan on the first floor ceiling. It turns out that a toilet bowl had been leaking for some time. We immediately called Innovative Custom Contractors. To my delight they arrived promptly and took care of the entire situation. Not only did they assess and fix the problem fast, but they were willing to take the time to walk me through their process and answered all the questions that I had. I now have ICC on speed dial because I know they will be there if I need them and do a great job.


Glendale, AZ

I recently accepted a property manager position for a major real estate company in Phoenix. Being fairly new to town I didn’t have all the contacts established that I would need to be successful in my position. I was referred to ICC as a great company for restoration services. A month into my new position I had the opportunity to render their services. We had major water damage on two floors in two units. ICC was able to extract the water, and dry both units out in a short period of time with minimal interruption to my tenants who lived in those units. To my surprise, unlike other restoration companies that I have worked with, along with the remediation ICC was also able to do the rebuild portion of the project as they are licensed general contractors. ICC did a fantastic job in a short period of time.


Tempe, AZ

ICC has taken care of everyone of my clients in a timely and professional manner. In a time of need, getting help quickly and professionally is my number 1 priority and I have absolute confidence in calling them to take care of the situation.

Richard Wright

Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

A couple of years ago Innovative Custom Contractors remodeled my kitchen and master bathroom. 6 months ago I noticed some water damage on the drywall in my garage. Having used them before and being happy with the quality of their work, I gave them a call to repair drywall. Upon inspection, they discovered a small pinhole leak in a pipe coming up through the slab inside of the wall. They removed the concrete, fixed the leak, and put everything back to the way it was before. I had a high deductible and did not want to have to contact my insurance. ICC was able to give me a reasonable price that I could afford without having to get my insurance involved.


Ahwatukee, AZ

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